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Caddy rear AXLE FLIP KIT, 100% bolt on kit. lowers rear of mk1 Caddy 4.1/2" ( add spacers ( not include ) & go lower )KIT INCLUDES: DOT approved 2 sets of stronger 3/8" & longer U bolt assemblies w/ 1/4" thick king pin plates w/ centering pins. , 4...1/4" thick retainer plates, 8 DOT approved self locking crush nuts ( one time use only ) & 8 washers. SHORTER SHOCKS are needed so not to bottom out OEM or OEM replacement shock with our flip kit. We highly suggest EMPI 9650 shocks. DOT APPROVED U bolts & crush nuts are designed to strip the threads as they are installed so not to back off under useage. 1 TIME USE means just that. Once you install the nuts onto the U bolts their is no turning back. Literailly you will NOT be able to loosen the nuts without stripping the threads on the nuts & or the U bolts.IF YOU EVER PLAN ON REMOVING OUR FLIP KIT ONCE INSTALLED FOR ANY REASON WE HIGHLY SUGGEST BUYING 2 NUTS PER U BOLT THREAD ( 16 nuts per kit ) & LOCKING THEM TOGETHER SO THEY DO NOT BACK OFF. NOTE this method is not DOT approved. PLEASE ALLOW 15 - 20 business days to ship. M - F excluding all holidays for order to ship. High order volume may take longer.


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KING PIN axle flip kit $185.00

SKU: kpfk-1
  • ALL ORDERS ARE HAND CRAFTED in the order they have been received.
    PLEASE allow 15-20 business days ( Monday - Friday ) excluding holidays to received your order withing the U.S. ( this may be an over estimated time frame ).
    All other orders outside the U.S. please allow 3-6 weeks to receive.
    ALL SALE are final. NO refunds, NO returns, NO exchanges, NO money back, NO store credit. NO EXCEPTIONS. NO cancellations after 24 hours of order. MUST REPORT any shipping issues & or product issues withing 24 hours to
    NO reduced cost of any damaged, lost or stolen parts caused by customer & or anyone handling said product purchased by original customer sold after 24 hours.
    Any issues must show proof of purchase by the original purchaser with transaction order number, name & address.
    Caddy Pan is not responsible if you missed shipment of product. customer is 100% responsible for cost of reshipping after showing original proof of purchase.

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